Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Added....

Here are some jewels I just added to my Etsy Shop and my website.  My inspirations seem to be coming in surge's these days.  Here is a sampling of what my "surge's" produced:

A spectacular Art nouveau brooch for a centerpiece

Rose cluster enamel pendant, a Victorian watch fob chain and French Pink Rosaries

A Victorian Czech pin serves as a connector

A little bit of color...A little bit of neutral!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Storm Creations

We had a winter storm over the weekend.  Friday into Saturday.  Snow and  heavy accumulations of ice...all kinds of precipitation was heaped on us.  By Tuesday, it will be melted and turned into a nice sloppy mess.  Anyway, since we stayed put Saturday and didn't venture out...besides,  cars + ice = ditches and tow trucks,  I made myself useful and put some jewelry designs together.  Without interruption!  Yes.  I could take my time and bang out some new jewels without watching the clock.  And I love days like that.  They are so few and far between.  These lovelies will be listed in my ETSY shop and my WEBSITE in the coming week.

A floating cherub showing off a filigree finding and blue stone.  Notice remnants of old ribbon still apparent.  Possibly an award, medal or old choker?

A statement brass cuff with a marriage of rhinestones and fabric

Earrings with sterling wires, white rosaries, vintage french connectors, tiny vintage rhinestone connectors and stacks of glass pearls in pastels

Romantic red stands out with vintage red, ivory and grey glass pearls from a vintage necklace, a red religious medal with a precious bow, and a portion of an art deco rhinestone buckle. 

Pretty baubles of old....

See what happens when you lock yourself in?  Stay warm if your in my neck of the snow covered woods!