Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Gatherings

Saturday morning at 6:30AM I am standing in line at an estate sale about a half hour away from my home.  I had no idea the surprise that awaited me when I walked through the door.  Apparently, the estate belonged to a 90 year old man who was a hoarder.  And from what I saw, he kept everything!  The house was packed from floor to ceiling.  I think I went into each room five or six times and still found something I hadn't seen the time before.  There were so many things I passed up as I was trying to stay focused in my search for old jewelry and trinkets for my creations.  Here is just a sampling of what I found!!

Look at all these Deco pieces!!  I was is in hog heaven!  And I got it all for a song!

And there's more...........!!

Beautiful necklace with an amethyst colored stone and an 1930's Deco dress clip!  So pretty!

My two favorite finds of the old rose dish and mother of pearl rosaries!

Can't wait to start creating new designs!!

................What a great day I had!
........Happy Hunting!!


  1. Dear Tracey, Wow, you had some great luck on Saturday! I wish I could have been there. Thank you for stopping my my blog. I've checked your web site and it looks great. Please stop by again.
    Au Revoir,

  2. Nice finds! I have not been to an estate sale in a while. Hope to start going again when it cools down some.

  3. I just spent some time looking at your beautiful jewelry creations - Beautiful! Your web site looks great!

  4. Glenda,
    Thank you for your kind words! It's been sweltering here in Pittsburgh. I can't image the heat you have in the south!