Thursday, June 23, 2011

FleaMarket Gems

Today we leave on a camping expedition for the next four days with a bunch of our lunatic friends.  "Expedition" because we have never been to this campground and I heard it's "wild"...whatever that means.  "Lunatic friends" because they are...well...crazy.  And we fit right in...ha.   I figured I'd better post this before we left because I know when we get back on Sunday, I will be too exhausted and will need a vacation from our mini-vacation!

I wanted to show you my latest finds at my last fleamarket treasure hunt.  And, boy, did I find some fabulous pieces.  Feast the ol' peepers:

This beautiful rosary is old and tarnished, no markings.  But I love it just the way it is.
The bracelet is sterling!

This FANTASTIC flower once adorned a dress or gown.  It is absolutely stunning!

And my favorite (!!) is this huge paste brooch of a peacock. stopped me in my tracks!  I already have a necklace design in mind and will show you when completed:

I will miss the fleamarket this weekend end.  Buy noon Sunday, I will have the sweats and shakes because of it.  That's called an addition, folks.  And I got it bad!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy hunting if you're out flea-ing or estate sale-ing!



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